Qigong Classes


EXHALE                                   INHALE


Learning to breathe well requires conscious awareness of each breath.  Breathing fully, rhythmically, and slowly have great benefits for over-all wellbeing.

In qigong, we learn to regulate the body, mind, and breath (Chi/vital energy)in a way which is natural and balancing.

There are several schools of qigong, each having a particular emphasis:


Buddhist: focuses on the development of mental clarity and ultimate liberation.

Taoist: for the purpose of longevity and for the cultivation of spiritual character.

Medical: for the prevention of disease and treatment of illness and injury.

The qigong practices that we work with in Quan Yin qigong classes include Buddhist, Taoist and Medical qigong.  These will consist of a variety of body healing postures, a number of mind quieting and focusing methods, and a series of breath energy exercises:

–          relaxation (fang song gong)

–          stretching (dao-in)

–          clearing and moving blocked energy (ping qi)

–          self healing massage (tui na)

–          meditation

Our aim is to open to the flow of unconditional love and compassion which are essential elements in all healing and transformation processes.


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