Quan Yin Oriental Healing Arts offers different therapeutic modalities, with an emphasis on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):

Intake and Evaluation


Herbal medicine

Acupressure massage therapy


Nutrition and Lifestyle counselling



An initial intake evaluation is always part of the first consultation.

The TCM evaluation includes an extensive health intake and traditional methods of diagnosis.  After the intake, a treatment plan is developed, taking into consideration the overall nature of the complaint or imbalance, the individual presenting the complaint, and any underlying constitutional or emotional factors.



For many people acupuncture is the central focus of a TCM program..  Acupuncture is the art of inserting fine, sterile and disposable needles into certain body or ear points to readjust the body’s Qi (vital energy) in order to allow the body to heal itself.  The needling technique most often used by Saki is based on the Manaka style of Japanese acupuncture, which is a very gentle, subtle and painless technique.



An herbal assessment is used to determine which specific herbal formulas will most benefit your health needs.  These formulae were developed through many years of clinical experience.  The formulae are given in tablet, capsule, powder or tincture form that can be mixed with water.  An individualized assessment is necessary as the formula is tailored for a client’s specific condition.  We order our herbal formulae from the Natuurapotheek in Pijnacker.



Massage of many different types is offered at Quan Yin Healing Arts including:  Shiatsu, Tui Na, Swedish, Esalen, Jin Shin Do, and Polarity Therapy are styles that are combined to match the individual client.   We offer excellence and diversity in the massages for a reasonable fee, which many insurance companies will reimburse (see:  costs)



Qigong (or chi kung) is an ancient system combining breathing, movement, and centering practices to bring balance and energy to the body mind.  The qigong practices are recommended to  clients as self-help exercises to do at home.  They are based on the essence of all qigong training schools:  the training and regulating of body, mind and breath (qi/vital energy).   These will consist of a variety of body healing postures, a number of mind quieting and focusing methods, and a series of breath energy exercises. (see classes)



In addition to treatment, it is important that clients learn about the relationship between proper diet, stress and lifestyle habits and their state of health and well being.  Advice will be given to clients which enables them to continue working outside of treatment sessions on their well-being.


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