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Frequently Asked Questions

What relationship does Quan Yin Wellness Consultancy have with Traditional East Asian medicine?

Quan Yin Wellness Consultancy has its roots in Traditional East Asian medicine as a system of preventive health care that is over 2,500 years old. This includes acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine, acupressure massage, sound healing, qigong, meditation, and nutritional and lifestyle counselling.  

Why would someone choose this consultancy service?  

The orientation of Quan Yin Wellness Consultancy is to offer you safe and effective  healing modalities that empower and support your well-being.  And when you find yourself out of balance and harmony, or lacking vitality and ease, we can help you find a way back to your wholeness in body, mind, and spirit. Our primary focus is preventive health care and wellness training.  (See our modalities pages to see our specializations). 

What is Quan Yin qigong?  

Quan Yin qigong is based on various moving meditation practices that look similar to tai chi but are easier to learn and practice.  It is a fully integrated body-mind-spirit system of healing which combines breath, movement (both dynamic as well as gentle), mental focus and meditation.  Qigong is an excellent way for you to incorporate both gentle and powerful exercises into your daily wellness regime.  Self-acupressure massage is often included with qigong practices.  Our healing classes focus primarily on qigong, meditation and self-acupressure.

What is self-acupressure?

This modality employs the same theoretical principles as acupuncture, which you can apply to yourself easily and safely.  Instead of using needles, self-acupressure massage involves applying pressure, tapping, percussion and rubbing methods to specific acupuncture points for your healthcare and wellness needs.  This can be particularly effective in working with children as well as the elderly.  

What is phytotherapy?

Herbal medicine is the use of medicinal plant substances, which are combined into formulas that have many different healing effects, including aiding digestion, improving vitality and resilience, relaxing the nervous system, enhancing the body’s immunity and much more.  The herbs used are natural, pesticide free substances which are made into formulas in tinctures, granulates or capsules.  They are custom made for us by the Natuur Apotheek, a recognized pharmacy in the Netherlands, providing the highest quality natural herbs.  During the corona pandemic many people have benefited from the preventive formulas made by them.  A detailed intake and diagnosis is necessary before any herbs are prescribed.


What is meditation, and why would this be a part of a wellness program?

Depending on your needs, experience and interests, various forms of meditation are taught.    From simple mindfulness and breathing practices to working with sacred sound and visualization practices, meditation is taught during Quan Yin qigong classes as well as during healing retreats.  It is a time-honored way to bring ease, clarity and stability to mental and emotional states.  Additionally, practicing meditation regularly uplifts the spirit to increased states of ease, peace, inspiration and joy. It is also very relaxing for those who suffer from chronic stress and anxiety.

When could a healing retreat be beneficial for you?

When you wish to step away from the accelerated pace and demands of outer life, a healing retreat can rejuvenate and replenish you on multiple levels.  A healing retreat is also beneficial when you wish to focus on and work through a particular life issue, with the aim of developing a greater sense of your wholeness and purpose. 

Individual as well as small group retreats are offered throughout the year in beautiful, natural environments where nature plays an important role in the healing process. But when it is not possible for you to come on retreat in person, an online retreat in the comfort of your own home is also possible to arrange.  A comprehensive questionnaire must be filled out before being admitted to an individually guided retreat.  

What is lifestyle counselling?

Before beginning any self-healing program, an initial intake interview will be set up in order to determine what is appropriate for your healthcare needs.  An important component in lifestyle counselling will involve looking at your current lifestyle choices and habits which may be blocking or hindering  optimal physical, emotional or spiritual health.   A personalized step by step program will be discussed with you before beginning.  This may include advice for stress management, nutritional and dietary advice and a daily exercise regime.   

Are all services online?

Consultations are now available online, but in-person consultations, classes and retreats are also available.  We welcome your inquiry. Our office is located in Voorburg, the Netherlands, nearby train and bus stations.

How do I get started?

It’s easy!  Just send in the contact form as the first step, and we can be touch with each other.