Quan Yin Qigong healing classes for Self Care and Empowerment


Qigong self-healing classes 

We now offer a new series of qigong classes, which will focus on the four seasons and their connection with the mind-body continuum.  Each season will feature specific practices to activate, relax and strengthen the meridian energy systems, organs, and psycho-spiritual states associated with that particular time of the year. Scroll down below for the 2021 dates for our group classes. Individual instructions can start at any time.

What is qigong?

It is an ancient moving meditation exercise and therapeutic health care system from China. Qigong is easy to learn and integrates easy- to- learn body postures, movement, deep breathing, focused intention and meditation. It is both gentle and strengthening for all ages to practice.

This art and practice of harmonising the body, mind, and spirit has been used for thousands of years by Taoist and Buddhist teachers and martial artists. Today qigong is practised by millions of people worldwide.

Components of  our Qigong self-healing classes

·         relaxation (fang song gong)

·         stretching (dao-in)

·         clearing and moving blocked energy (ping qi)

·         self healing massage (tui na)

·         meditation

Our aim is to open to the flow of unconditional love, vitality,  and inner peace which are essential elements in all healing and transformation processes.

What can qigong do?

Qigong  balances, activates and increases the supply and flow of vital energy (qi) throughout the body.  This has a harmonising, strengthening and healing effect on the functioning of the internal organs, the nervous system,  energy channels (meridians) and over-all psycho-spiritual state.  Body, mind, heart and spirit are restored to an integrated wholeness.

Who can benefit from qigong?

Qigong practice is beneficial for all ages, and for those who wish to participate actively in their own wellbeing and are committed to a regular practice of compassionate self-care.  Students, busy professionals, office workers, those with physical restrictions, and older adults can all benefit from qigong practice.  

Qigong could be the perfect practice for you if you experience any of these:

·         Stress, anxieties, and nervous tension

·         Muscular tension, stiffness and pain

·         Joint pains, osteoarthritis or tendonitis

·         Fatigue and low energy

·         Sleep disorders

·         Lowered immunity and susceptibility to infections or illness

·         Circulatory or digestive problems

·         And much more!


Weekly Winter series:  February 1 – March 22, 2021 (closed)

Weekly Spring series:

Monday morning 10:00 – 11:00 CET  March 29 until May 24,  2021 Saturday morning  9:00 – 10:00 CET  April 3 – May 29, 2021

This series is to detox, harmonize and strengthen the wood element (liver, gall bladder), alleviate stress, and to strengthen over-all resilience, greater flow and ease in body, mind and spirit